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What is the Perfect Length for a B2B Corporate Blog Post?

Date posted: February 27, 2017

One of the most frequent questions I receive from my B2B marketing clients is what is optimal length of a blog post?
The answer: blog posts of 1,500 words or more tend to receive more shares (see chart below).

A lot of my B2B marketers scoff at the idea of writing 1,500-word posts. They say, “People don’t have the time to read long posts.” The fact is that if a post contains useful information it will be widely read and wildly shared.

Quick Sprout has some interesting data behind this recommendation. They cite research from a popular online journal that tested the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn shares of all its post, broken down by word count. The longer the post, the more shares the post got.
social shares

The stats above would suggest that the bare minimum in length should be 700 words. That’s where shares really started picking up. But the B2B blog post length sweet spot is 1,500 words.