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Date posted: June 28, 2014

I’ve released my first collection of poems entitled Marrow Bones and Cleaver Music (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LBAN2KS). The eBook is available exclusively in Amazon’s Kindle Store ($7.99).

The poems in this collection can best be described as ekphrastic. However, more than simple homage to art, the poems in Marrow Bones and Cleaver Music reflect the ancient meaning of ekphrastic poetry to include the analysis of any person, thing, or experience. There is wondrous art in all creatures and creations, especially when viewed through a prism that blends truth with fable.

In Marrow Bones and Cleaver Music, I examine specific (often obscure) experiences and endeavors from the full spectrum of existence. My poetry is designed to synthesize his interests into universal expressions. I write poetry to highlight the importance of little histories; to help process and embrace our fragile, fleeting, and beautiful lives; and to enlighten, entertain, and enrich the mind.

The poems in Marrow Bones and Cleaver Music are compact. The significance of brevity surfaces in the way that limitations can both complicate and cultivate emotion and how these complications may manifest themselves in our human attachments to objects, time, others, and the places that we call home.