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Date posted: December 31, 2008

The editor of Specialty Coffee Retailer asked me to write the debut column for the magazine's new "secrets" section. The article appeared in the December issue on page 36 of the digital flip version of the publication.



Date posted: December 23, 2008

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began accepting electronic filings as standard submissions for the documentation of clinical drug trials. Historically, the FDA and other government agencies have insisted on paper documents, which have presented obstacles for drug makers wanting to automate and streamline their operations. My November 2008 article looks at the automation and technology options that the FDA's new electronic filing policy presents and how life sciences companies are transforming their processes in response.

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Manufacturers are beginning to tap service data—encompassing a myriad of aftermarket data points—to drive continuous improvement processes as well as help design teams make critically important adjustments to products. My July 2008 feature in Managing Automation examines how proactive manufacturers are feeding service data into their product design and development processes to achieve meaningful improvements in their operations.

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The “perfect order” is more than just a quixotic concept. As market forces make retaining customers and increasing revenues challenging for companies, the perfection of order management processes is becoming essential. Despite business imperatives, manufacturers struggle with order management due to supply chain inflexibility and legacy system integration challenges. My March 2008 feature in Managing Automation explores the quest for the perfect order. The article examines solutions that leverage existing assets to improve order management, increase visibility, and enhance supply chain agility.

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Is product lifecycle management the next market opportunity for third-party logistics providers? My recently published article in Inbound Logistics answers that question.