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Date posted: April 26, 2011

“With responsiveness and flexibility that meets unique needs and a thorough process that examines both products and the management systems that support them, UL’s experience and expertise in functional safety (FS) ensures accuracy and assurance, insight, and integrity.”

The above paragraph is the summation of a 12-page Functional Safety brochure that I wrote for Underwriters Laboratories. As part of the broad scope of product safety, functional safety zeroes in on the safety-related systems of a product. The UL FS brochure provides an in-depth explainable of FS and how UL helps its client to achieve their FS goals.

Date posted: April 22, 2011

The ability to turn difficult technical material, loaded with insider jargon, into readable content is something I consistently deliver on for my clients. This UL sell sheet is a good example of what I'm describing.

This one-page document was written to justify the cost to manufacturers of using UL to certify SIL and PL for industrial components that aspire to meeting IEC and ISO functional safety standards.

Make no mistake, this is not technical writing. It is writing about technical subject matter for a C-level audience that needs to be able to quickly understand and act upon information of a technical nature.



Date posted: April 20, 2011

It is deeply rewarding to write case studies about American Education Corporation's A+LS curriculum software (A+). The software is used across the country by K12 school systems to assist kids with credit recovery and other important educational priorities. The use of A+ at Spring Creek Elementary (Provo, Utah) is a good example of this work. At Spring Creek, the school's special education students-behind one or more grade levels in math and reading-use A+ software and other American Education Corporation software tools as an effective means to "catch up" to their peers.



Date posted: April 18, 2011

My article on video conferencing appeared in the October 2010 issue of Managing Automation magazine. The feature discusses how new video conferencing collaboration tools can cut travel costs and enhance customer management, collaborative innovation, and sustainability. The story also examines whether or not these tools are cost effective.

Date posted: April 14, 2011

Another in my series of enterprise software and hardware buyer’s guides has been published by Managing Automation.

The latest guide covers everything buyers of Supply Chain Management software need to make an informed purchasing decision.