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Date posted: December 21, 2010

The second installment of my Data Center Management column, which focuses on HR issues in data centers, appeared in the November issue.

The November column, Getting a Virtual Grip on Power and Administrative Issues, discusses how the incorporation of virtualization technology into the data center is creating a need to broaden staff capabilities.


Date posted: December 15, 2010

In September, Data Center Management published the first installment of my new column, which focuses on HR issues in data centers. The column will appear in each new issue of the magazine.

As IT professionals grow older and wiser, many insiders wonder if enough skilled, trained—and interested—people will be available to fill administrative positions open due to normal attrition in the workforce. The Graying of the Workforce discusses how data centers are coming to terms with the problem.

Date posted: December 13, 2010

My March feature in Managing Automation, playfully titled, The Mysterious 11th Element, answers the question, "Where does the bill of lading fit into the 10+2 regulations?"

It's not a burning question unless your livelihood depends on shipping.