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Date posted: April 14, 2015

George Orwell noted that good prose is like a windowpane, providing a clear view into what it describes. For those in business-to-business marketing, that’s a good thing to remember.

Are you providing your customers a clear view of your goods and services?

Or are you settling for second-rate writing that obscures as much as it edifies?

One of the reasons B2B marketers are increasingly using professional writers is that good business writing differentiates great companies from their lesser competition. Another is the growing need for content— and the pressure to produce it, at a high level, at a consistent rate, on time and on target. Companies typically aren’t staffed to do this.

This is where I come in.

For over a quarter century, I have been writing for some of the world’s leading technology companies— Microsoft (Dynamics), Siemens, Honeywell, 3M, Cisco Systems, Autodesk, and UL to name just a few. I also write frequently for smaller and newly emerging tech enterprises, particularly in the manufacturing, enterprise software, and educational technology markets. One thing marries all these clients together: the understanding that good prose is like a windowpane, whether it’s written for the Web, white papers, social media, trade magazines, video scripts, or anything else where words are central to execution.

My clients rely on me for good writing, but also for insights that come from having worked in many markets in many forms. If you think you could benefit from this experience and industry knowledge— from having clearer windows facing your markets— I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you.