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Date posted: January 12, 2016

FishSentry, an innovative fishing rod and associated app by FishSentry, LLC, officially launches an Indiegogo campaign to fund the production and distribution of the product. FishSentry, with its patent-pending technology brings the first complete connected fishing experience.

“We’ve developed the next generation in connected fishing equipment,” says Spencer Worley, CTO of FishSentry, LLC. “The FishSentry rod will immediately notify you when you need to check your line. FishSentry will eliminate the need for constant monitoring and shorten the time your line has lost bait, tangled weeds, or missed strikes.”

The FishSentry Rod uses its sensors at the tip and base to monitor and detect changes in rod movement. The monitoring occurs dozens of times every second, and once a change in movement is detected, the rod will communicate to the FishSentry app on the user’s mobile device via Bluetooth communication.

Fishing environments vary widely and the FishSentry App gives fishermen the controls to adapt the alerts. The FishSentry Rod will be available in three different sizes: 8’6 Med Heavy, 9’0 Med Heavy, 9’6. In addition to alerting the fisherman to check the line, the FishSentry app also records trip time, date, location, tides, moon phase, weather, catches and stores data for future use and/or sharing.  The FishSentry app will be available for iOS and Android devices.

“Successfully raising the funds will enable the first totally connected fishing rod,” says Worley. “I believe the FishSentry App and Rod will revolutionize the way outdoorsmen fish, interact with each other, and inspire the next generation of connected fishermen.”

Date posted: January 7, 2016

Since it is well known that cybersecurity is a major concern of industrial organizations today, it’s little surprise that ARC Advisory Group would want to canvass B2B market participants on this topic.  ARC Advisory Group has launched two industrial cybersecurity research initiatives to help companies understand and address these hurdles. One focuses on the protection of plant systems. The other explores cybersecurity issues constraining broader adoption of IIoT.

According to ARC, “A successful cyber attack on a plant could result in significant damage to a company’s financial, safety, and compliance performance.  Lack of clear cybersecurity strategies for new technology like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are hampering efforts to improve key metrics like asset reliability and operational effectiveness.”

Who should participate in the survey and why?

These are important issues for every industrial organization.  If you are involved in industrial cybersecurity we [ARC] hope that you will participate. By completing one or both of these surveys you will be helping to ensure that your industry is secure and remains a difficult target for would be attackers. As an additional incentive, ARC will provide everyone who completes a survey with a free summary report that they can use to evaluate their own cybersecurity concerns.

Here are links to the studies:

ARC Annual Industrial Cybersecurity Survey

Securing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)