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Date posted: March 25, 2010

During the past 20 years, functional safety equipment and services have become something of a niche specialization. Today, for instance, one of my publishers has asked me to begin producing content for a well-known safety testing and
certification organization. I will write a bi-monthly Web-based newsletter and produce a series of advertorials for the group. In addition, for the past several years, I've written a quarterly Web-based newsletter for a leader in industrial machine safety. These specialty publishing projects are done under the direction of a major publishing house in Chicago. It's rewarding to write about safety products and services, as this technology helps prevent accidents and save lives.

Date posted: March 9, 2010

I've been asked to ghostwrite a feature article for a large enterprise software company on cycle time reduction strategies for manufacturers of semiconductors.

The article will appear in an upcoming issue of Solid State Technology magazine. The feature will examine how the closed-loop quality approach helps these manufacturers improve product quality and increase efficiencies and asset utilization. 

Date posted: March 6, 2010

The March/April issue of Data Center Management contains my article on how IT managers are reducing the carbon footprint of their corporate data centers. The six-page feature provides detailed information about how companies are adopting green procedures and practices.

This is my fourth feature article for the magazine.

Date posted: March 2, 2010

I'm currently writing a feature for a client involved with hydrogen fuel cell research. The article will be published in an international industrial gas industry journal.

The 1,500-word article will explore how the company's extensive research on hydrogen has helped government and industry to bring forth new hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

My client's company consists mainly of scientists who explore how natural and mechanical venting systems affected the impact from hydrogen that was released at various rates and ignited. Results from their studies are used to develop codes and standards for hydrogen safety.