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As a full-time copywriter, I write case studies, white papers, and other mission-critical marketing materials. Dozens of leading corporations, including Microsoft, 3M, Honeywell, Siemens, Hitachi, EMC, Cisco Systems, QAD, Deloitte & Touche, Autodesk, Sun Microsystems, and many others, have relied on my writing services to help market their products and services.

I’ve written advertorials for Microsoft, IBM, Sun, and others. I began writing advertorials while contributing to Managing Automation in the early 1990s. I also wrote advertorials as a contributor to Manufacturing Systems, Software Strategies, and Control. In the past 20 years, I’ve been responsible for at least 40 advertorial projects and magazine supplements.

My industry experience includes manufacturing, software, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, industrial equipment and automation, healthcare, financial and insurance, government, and education.



“The application story you wrote last week involving Armstrong World Industries using SST’s Simulation software for training was very well done. It has already been accepted for publication by Control Engineering magazine.

The quality stories that you created always made the pitch to an editor so much easier. I had feedback from editors on many occasions on the quality of the stories, including technical accuracy and well developed quotes. In fact, I was able to place each story at least once, with some being published in several countries and in multiple languages. Some of the top-tier vertical publications in the automation and controls industry that published stories that you wrote for us include Control, Control Design, Managing Automation, Manufacturing Automation, A-B Journal, I&CS and InTech.

In addition to the quality stories that you wrote, I always appreciated the professional manner in which you interacted with our customers for the story interview. Again, I always received positive feedback from our customers.

Finally, I wanted to thank you for the full attention that you gave every project assignment. You always made me look good in the eyes of customer to have a completed story back to them in such a timely fashion!”
--Colleen Dietrich, Public Relations Specialist, SST (part of Woodhead Connectivity)


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