Marty Weil-Testimonials
  • Marty and I worked together at Managing Automation magazine for about five years... Marty was one of the best contributors working on this magazine. I could depend on him to generate fresh story ideas, conduct research and interview key industry players, make story assignments, write, copyedit, and do photo research—all on a regular basis, without missing a deadline. I am sure you will be as satisfied with Marty's work and work habits as I was. He will be a certain asset to your editorial team.”
    --Diane Labrenz, Managing Editor, Managing Automation

  • “Marty Weil does exceptional work for Alchemy magazine. As we have moved forward in expanding our focus beyond the manufacturing industry and into financial services, healthcare, government, utilities, retail, and telecommunications, Marty has proven to be a key writing resource who we have relied on to provide the content critical to our successful relaunch. Marty's work in following assignment details, in addition to following leads beyond the initial assignment to provide the best article possible, keeps Marty at the top of our minds when assessing freelance writers for upcoming issues.”
    --David Greenfield, Associate Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Alchemy Magazine

  • “Marty's capabilities as a professional journalist are outstanding. Our experiences with him at MA have been positive and rewarding. I heartily recommend him.”
    --David Brousell, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Automation magazine

  • “Marty is the consummate freelance journalist: inquisitive, fastidious, and punctual. He can tackle subjects in any number of categories and create a lively and informative piece—even when the subject matter may not be the most exciting.”
    --Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director, Technology & Learning

  • “Marty's attention to detail and editorial integrity are impeccable. He has completed all projects in time, and the manuscripts that arrive are clean and error-free. He always looks for ways to improve the product and does not compromise on quality.”
    --Jennifer Prescott, Editorial Director of Custom Media for Scholastic Professional Media, a division of Scholastic Marketing Partners

  • “The application story you wrote last week involving Armstrong World Industries using SST’s Simulation software for training was very well done. It has already been accepted for publication by Control Engineering magazine.

    “The quality stories that you created always made the pitch to an editor so much easier. I had feedback from editors on many occasions on the quality of the stories, including technical accuracy and well developed quotes. In fact, I was able to place each story at least once, with some being published in several countries and in multiple languages. Some of the top-tier vertical publications in the automation and controls industry that publis

    hed stories that you wrote for us include Control, Control Design, Managing Automation, Manufacturing Automation, A-B Journal, I&CS and InTech.“In addition to the quality stories that you wrote, I always appreciated the professional manner in which you interacted with our customers for the story interview. Again, I always received positive feedback from our customers.

    “Finally, I wanted to thank you for the full attention that you gave every project assignment. You always made me look good in the eyes of customer to have a completed story back to them in such a timely fashion!”
    --Colleen Dietrich, Public Relations Specialist, SST (part of Woodhead Connectivity)

  • “I want to thank you for a job well done, Marty, and compliment you on the capabilities I observed during the process of this initiative. Included prominently among these are: Excellent technical grasp
    • You understood the intricacies of our product and markets with no perceptible learning curve.
    • Speed of execution
    • The project as defined above speaks volumes to this.
    • Quality of work
    There was very little revision required for the case studies, something particularly impressive in light of the limited background material you were working with in many cases. Turning French faxes into compelling case histories goes well beyond translation, another skill that’s hard to find in technical writers.

    “When you do exceptional work, you help us do exceptional work. The CD-ROM was released on schedule and very well received, and the case histories are being repackaged for a range of public relations purposes.

    “In markets moving at Internet speed, the success of collateral and sales tool support often depends on the ability of a company’s vendors to provide service that allows the company to create and release those marketing elements in a timely manner. I know this is something you’re keenly aware of, because of the performance I’ve seen.

    “Please know that we look forward to using your services again when the need arises, and that I would recommend you to any PR or marketing professional looking for high-quality and dependable writing resources.”
    --Ellie Dimarucut, Collateral & Sales Tool Program Manager, FileNET Corporation




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