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Akgmag.com Freelance Writer Interview

Akgmag.com recently interviewed me about my career as a freelance writer.

During the Q&A, Akgmag's interviewer, Marita, asked if I had a favorite type of project. I replied, "I mainly focus on the use of technology in a number of industries including education, manufacturing, renewable energy, and food/beverage. I enjoy writing corporate case studies. I’ve written more than 250 of them over the years. I actively seek out those opportunities. I find writing about how companies use products and services to improve their businesses to be very fascinating and enjoyable work. However, I’m always open to exploring new territory. A good writer can take any topic and make it come to life."

You can find the entire interview here

Thank you to Marita and everyone at Akgmag.com for their interest in my work.


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